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No matter how well you take care of your teeth - brushing, flossing, avoiding sugar, and regular dentist check-ups, it is inevitable that they will lose their natural color over time. Certain food and drink such as coffee, cola or wine, or habits such as smoking, have a particularly detrimental effect on teeth. It can stain them permanently. Even maintaining proper dental hygiene cannot always prevent this.

It isn’t necessary to cut out these habits altogether, however. A Teeth whitening in St Louis is available from Forest Park Dental. Our team of highly trained professional dentists and hygienists can restore your teeth’s natural color; or even make them look whiter than before.

How Does it Work?

You can get a teeth whitening by St Louis based dentists, using a tray whitening system. A popular system used by dentists since the 1990’s for its simplicity, safety, and affordability. The main advantage is that most of it can be done by you, at home. First the dentist will make an impression of your teeth. A dental technician will use this to craft custom whitening trays fitted just for your teeth. You will have one for your upper teeth and another for your lower teeth. They look like clear plastic models of your teeth. You can take this home to perform the final step of fitting the trays over your teeth, then inserting the provided whitening gel into them. This is usually done using a small plastic syringe to get the gel into the tray. Wearing the tray for a few hours a day or overnight (your dentist will recommend how long you should wear them for) for a couple of weeks will result in teeth that are five to eight shades whiter. It may feel a little funny to have the tray in your mouth at first but you will soon get used to it. This is why it is a good idea to get a custom made rather than a store brought tray; as it will stay in your mouth easily without any discomfort.

Getting a custom whitening tray from your dentist it is a much more effective solution than using store bought teeth whiteners, such as whitening strips, from a drug store. These aren’t as reliable and aren’t effective if you forget to use them even for just a few days. Whitening strips, for example, aren’t always long enough to reach all of your teeth and won’t whiten all of your teeth at once; which tray whitening systems do. You might remember the classic episode of Friends where Ross left tooth whitener on for too long, which resulted in luminescent teeth. While this was an exaggeration for comedic purposes, it is an example of how misusing home based tooth whitening systems can backfire on you.

By purchasing a custom fitted tray from your dentist, you can have the full procedure explained and demonstrated to you. And ensure that you are using a system which is trusted and a value for the money. The dentist will also pinpoint where your whitening end point is; and when you can stop using the dental trays. They can also make arrangements to alter the coloring of your fillings or other existing dental work to match the new shade of your teeth. In the unlikely event of problems occurring from whitening your teeth, your dentist will be there to provide aftercare and advice.

How Long Does it Last?

The results typically last for a few years, depending on the level of whitening. After which, touch up treatments can be made to keep your shade consistent. Some patients even see the results lasting nearly ten years after the procedure, with no touch ups needed.

If you want the best results from teeth whitening in St Louis, which will remove even the worst staining, contact Forest Park Dental for an appointment today. Operating since 1986, and serving St Louis and all of its surrounding cities; we provide a fully professional and affordable service for all dental procedures. By getting tooth whitening from us, you will see a noticeable difference in the brightness of your teeth and the charm of your smile.

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