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7 Essential Reasons to Restore a Smile with a Dental Bridge

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7 Essential Reasons to Restore a Smile with a Dental Bridge

dental bridge

Rebuilding a smile with cosmetic dentistry can boost confidence and improve your oral health! What type of restorative dentistry is best to replace missing teeth and restore your smile? Many people choose dental bridges, and there are plenty of reasons why they are an excellent choice!

With a dental bridge, we use your existing teeth and fasten a bridge in the gap. After molding the area in need of new teeth, we design a piece that fills the gap and replaces lost teeth with new, natural-looking artificial teeth. 

This permanent tooth-replacement process gives you plenty of reasons to smile again! Check out these seven essential reasons to get a dental bridge and restore your smile. 

1. Eat the Foods You Love

Having missing teeth can make it difficult to eat many types of food, including chewy and crunchy treats. Gaps between your teeth leave your gums bare to come in contact with food. Chewing while missing teeth often leads to pain, which means you stop eating foods you love if it’s too uncomfortable to enjoy. 

Doing without some foods can also impact your health! If you no longer eat vegetables or fruits that provide valuable nutrients, your mouth can suffer from additional oral health issues. Your body also needs proper nutrition to stay healthy and fight infection. 

Your family dentist in St. Louis can help you reclaim the food you miss in your life! A dental bridge gives you a full set of teeth strong enough to crunch and chew their way through your favorite foods. 

2. Speak More Clearly

Losing teeth can affect your speech patterns. Teeth help you pronounce the sounds associated with many letters like f, s, t, g, and z. Your teeth also help produce sounds for letter combinations, including “ch,” “sh,” and “th.”

When you deal with only a few missing teeth, the impact on your speech can be minimal. However, without treating the conditions that cause your tooth loss, you could lose more teeth over time. Larger gaps between teeth increase speech difficulties making it hard to communicate effectively. 

There’s no need to adapt to frustrating speech challenges due to tooth loss! A front dental bridge replaces critical teeth that help you speak clearly. You’ll enjoy the confidence of speaking without worrying that people can’t understand what you want to say. 

3. Keep Natural Teeth in Place

Every tooth depends on surrounding teeth and healthy gums to help them stay where they belong. When your natural teeth no longer have nearby teeth to help keep them in place, they can shift out of place. 

Shifting teeth can create more oral health issues requiring additional dental work to repair or prevent. Choosing a dental bridge helps protect your remaining natural teeth and prevent them from moving into gaps and causes more problems. The structure of the bridge secures teeth while adding replacement teeth to refinish your smile!

4. Restore Your Face’s Shape

A full set of teeth isn’t only about flashing a gorgeous smile. Your lips rest on your front teeth to help create the shape of your face. When front teeth go away, your lips naturally fall inward and change your face’s natural shape. 

Back teeth also help keep your cheeks in place, and tooth roots help the jawbone generate new bone cells for a strong, healthy jaw. Without your molars, cheeks can appear sunken, and your jaw bone deteriorates. If this pattern continues, your face becomes drawn and seems sullen.

The combination of these issues can make you look older than you are! Look younger, recognize yourself again, and maintain good jaw health. Our professional St. Louis dentist and staff can help restore the shape of your face with a dental bridge to replace teeth and support lips, cheeks, and bones. 

5. Breathe Easier

When the structure of your mouth changes, sometimes people find it more difficult to breathe. Missing teeth affect the alignment of your bite. If you already suffer from lung issues like asthma, a change to your face’s structure due to a lack of teeth can impact your airways. 

Teeth help keep everything where it needs to be inside your mouth. From creating space to providing a place for your tongue, a full set of teeth is beneficial to your airways and overall health. With all of your teeth in place, a dental bridge helps reset your bite’s alignment to maximize volume within the oral cavity. 

If you experience changes in your breathing patterns, it might be time to restore the shape of your mouth with a dental implant. 

6. Options for Best Success

Not all dental bridges are the same because no two mouth and teeth situations are the same. Our dental team assesses your unique needs and recommends the best type of dental bridge to restore your speech, chewing ability, and smile. 

We’ll talk with you about your options, including:

  • A traditional fixed bridge. As the most common type of bridge, it includes a crown on either side of the artificial tooth. 
  • A Maryland bridge. This type of dental bridge is most often used to replace missing front teeth. 
  • An implant-supported bridge. We insert an implant for each missing tooth into the jawbone. In a second surgery, we place the bridge containing the artificial teeth over the implants. 

No matter what’s best for your mouth, our dental team can deliver a new smile. 

7. Big Smiles

You’ll want to smile more with a mouth full of teeth again! No matter how long you’ve suffered from gaps and missing teeth, restoring a smile with dental bridge work makes our team smile as we see your new smile shine again. 

We’d Love To Help You Smile Again With a Dental Bridge!

Don’t suffer any longer with missing teeth and speech or eating challenges. Let Forest Park Dental help you with the right dental bridge to improve your health and restore your smile!

Contact us to discuss your restorative dentistry options and improve your oral health. 

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