7 Questions to Ask During Your Next Dentist Visit

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7 Questions to Ask During Your Next Dentist Visit

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Are you getting ready for your next dentist visit? Rather than just “going through the motions” and getting the appointment over with, why not make the most of it by coming prepared with a list of questions? 

If you’re visiting the best dentist around, they’ll be happy to talk to you about your concerns. We’re here to give you a few recommendations about the best questions that you can ask.

Read on to learn more before you visit the dentist. 

1. Are There Any Obvious Issues?

This is the first and most obvious question that you should ask during your next dentist visit. After their general exam, ask about whether or not they see any obvious problems or concerns. 

This will help you open up a conversation and let your dentist know that you’re trying to be more attentive to your dental health. They may be more likely to bring up small issues that they wouldn’t otherwise mention if you hadn’t asked about them. 

If there are no obvious issues, but you’re still concerned, you can always ask for a more thorough exam. 

2. What’s Causing My Pain or Sensitivity?

Managing tooth pain or sensitivity can be debilitating. It can get in the way of your day-to-day activities and ruin your ability to enjoy food and drinks. If you’re struggling with pain and sensitivity, don’t hesitate to bring it up to your dentist.

Often, pain and sensitivity result from cavities. When your tooth starts to decay, it opens up a pathway to your tooth pulp (which contains nerves). Your tooth itself doesn’t hurt, but the pulp and your gums can.

When you have a cavity, you either need to get a filling or a root canal procedure. Significant cavities may result in extractions. 

Sometimes there’s no obvious cause for pain or sensitivity. It may happen due to previous cavities (it’s not uncommon to feel occasional sensitivity in teeth with fillings) or softened enamel.

Discuss your issue and ask for any recommendations regarding procedures and products that can minimize your pain or sensitivity. 

3. Do You Have Dental Hygiene Recommendations? 

Speaking of recommendations, always ask your dentist about their recommendations for dental hygiene products and any changes that you should make to your routine. 

Not all dental care products that you can buy from the store are dentist-recommended (even if it says so on the label). Everyone has different dental needs, so what works for most people might not work for you. 

Your dentist may recommend increasing the frequency or intensity of flossing or brushing your teeth. They may recommend picking a toothpaste with more fluoride or choosing one that’s less abrasive.

They may even advise a nightguard if they can tell that you’re grinding your teeth while you sleep. 

Remember that your dentist is your best resource when it comes to choosing the right dental hygiene routine for you. 

4. Do You Foresee Future Problems?

Even if your teeth and gums are in good condition at the moment, it’s possible that you’ll run into problems in the future. Sometimes your dentist will be able to tell you about their suspicions regarding your future dental health.

For example, if they can tell that you have weakened enamel, they may warn you about future cavities or sensitivity. They may advise that you avoid acidic foods or abrasive toothpaste.

If you still have your wisdom teeth, but they’re impacted, it won’t always cause a problem. It does have the potential for causing problems, however, and your dentist will be able to discuss that with you. 

Your dentist isn’t a fortune teller, but they can give you some insight. 

5. Should I Try Teeth Whitening? 

Not everyone needs to whiten their teeth, and it’s not a good idea for people who have weak enamel or veneers. That said, it never hurts to ask your dentist if you should consider it.

Having great dental health isn’t enough to maintain pearly white teeth, unfortunately. Even common foods and drinks can cause stains that are difficult to remove with toothpaste or at-home whitening strips.

If you’re feeling self-conscious, talk to your dentist about whether or not your teeth are in the normal range regarding their color. If not, they may recommend a teeth whitening session. 

6. Am I a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Procedures?

Once your teeth are healthy and strong, you may want to consider cosmetic fixes. While teeth whitening fits into this category, there are plenty of other options that can help you get a superstar smile.

Are you missing teeth? It might be time to consider dental implants. Talk to your dentist about how you can fit them into your budget and what style of implant would work for you.

If you have all of your teeth but you don’t like how they look, veneers are a popular option. They’ll give you the appearance of straight white teeth.

Ask about all of the cosmetic procedures that the dentist has to offer and whether or not they’d be a good fit for you.

7. Would You Recommend Fixing Dental Misalignments? 

Minor dental misalignments aren’t often problematic, but if you have large gaps or a lot of crowding, you’re going to run into dental health issues in the future. They can cause cavities, breakage, and more.

Ask your dentist about the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Does it look like you can maintain good dental health, or is it time to consider talking to an orthodontist?

Ask These Questions During Your Next Dentist Visit

Get the most out of your next dentist visit by asking your dentist these questions. Remember that your dentist is there to help you. By asking them questions, you’re giving them the opportunity to educate you and offer you better services.

Are you ready for a visit to your local dental office? We want to meet you! Schedule an appointment at Forest Park Dental or contact us today for more information.

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