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Why You Should Use Professional Teeth Whitening Services
November 6, 2017
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teeth whitening services
Why You Should Use Professional Teeth Whitening Services
November 6, 2017
gum grafting surgery
Important Tips for Recovering From Gum Grafting Surgery
November 27, 2017
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7 Reasons You Might Need Inlays and Onlays for Your Teeth

inlays and onlays

Looking for a way to keep up your dental hygiene while transforming your smile?

You can both protect your teeth and rejuvenate your smile by getting inlays and onlays.

Also known as partial crowns, this form of restorative dentistry is ideal for patients looking to repair a specific kind of damage to their teeth. Inlays can be alternatives for traditional metal fillings while onlays can repair more intensive damage done to teeth.

There are many additional benefits to this restorative dentistry. Read on to learn more about why it might be a good idea for you to get onlays and inlays for your teeth.

1. Bring a Natural White Into Your Smile

There are many ways to brighten the natural white of your teeth. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to stay on top of a yellowing smile.

Throw away those dental strips and whitening rinses–which may not be worth it in the first place–and consider inlays and onlays. Most onlays are constructed out of durable material such as a composite resin, porcelain, or gold.

These will replace decayed or damaged portions of your teeth. Porcelain and resin onlays especially will bring a true and durable white to your smile that is difficult to achieve by any other means. Porcelain, in particular, has a very natural look, so your inlays won’t look “fake” by any means.

The result of an onlay or an inlay (or both) is a rejuvenated and gleaming smile in addition to restored teeth.

2. Extend the Life of Your Teeth

This form of restorative dentistry is an excellent solution for patients looking for an option to extend the lifespan of their teeth.

Because inlays and onlays are created from highly durable materials such as gold or porcelain, they are designed to last a lifetime and be resistant to traditional damage and degradation.

Onlays and inlays are a longterm type of restorative dentistry that surpass other options such as crowns and fillings. They are not likely to need replacement in a typical patient’s lifetime.

3. Choose a Durable Solution to Damaged Teeth

Your dentist may offer onlays and inlays as a solution if you have a particular type of damage to your teeth.

Inlays are a special type of filling that can address cavities and other damage, while onlays take care of more severe damage done to the cusps of a tooth. Both are cemented to the tooth after the damaged portion of the tooth is removed or prepared.

Because they are cemented to the tooth, inlays and onlays provide an extremely durable solution to your damaged teeth. They create a tight seal over your tooth that prevents further damage, infection, or inflammation. The materials used for an inlay or an onlay are scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

4. Inlays and Onlays Are the Safest Option for Your Dental Health

The great thing about this form of restorative dentistry is its safety factor. You can actually improve your dental hygiene by getting an onlay or an inlay, believe it or not!

Because your inlay or onlay is cemented to the portion of your tooth needing repair, bacteria or other infections don’t stand a chance of entering crevices in your gums or teeth. The cement will form a perfect seal that will keep away anything that might threaten the integrity of your teeth.

You’ll also prevent any further exposure to infection or disease.

5. Strengthen Your Smile

While both onlays and inlays offer durable solutions to many different kinds of patients, they also can significantly strengthen individual teeth.

Metal fillings can actually lessen the strength of a standard tooth by up to fifty percent. Inlays can maximize the strength of your smile, so that your teeth are up to 75 percent stronger after receiving treatment.

Weak teeth can actually lead to further damage to your tooth in the long run, or even infection or diseases.

6. Eliminate Worries of Expanded Fillings

Inlays and onlays provide a solid alternative to crowns and fillings. While crowns and fillings are right for certain patients, fillings can actually expand and contract over time.

This can lead to lost fillings and a need for replacement, which means another dental bill. Expanded fillings can also cause some pain on the patient’s part.

Porcelain, gold, or resin inlays or onlays don’t have a risk of expansion because of the nature of their materials. You won’t have to worry about your porcelain inlays falling out or causing further damage to your teeth because of contractions or expansions.

7. Save on Future Dental Bills

You really can eliminate future dental costs by investing in an inlay or onlay. By choosing this method of restorative dentistry, you are choosing a long-lasting and highly durable solution to tooth damage.

At the same time, you are also strengthening your teeth and extending their lifetime. By getting inlays and onlays, you are significantly reducing your likelihood of further tooth damage that could lead to more dental visits, operations, and restorative dentistry.

Get a beautiful new smile and put more money in the bank by making an appointment for an inlay or an onlay.

Why You Need Inlays and Onlays

There are several reasons why getting restorative dentistry may be a great solution for you. Patients looking for a longterm and highly durable solution to damaged teeth should first and foremost check out the value of getting onlays and inlays.

Because they are cemented to your teeth, inlays provide a longterm solution to tooth damage. They are crafted from porcelain, gold, or resin that is designed to resist degradation of all kinds. They can whiten your smile dramatically and even save on future dental bills by preventing future infection and strengthen your teeth.

At Forest Park Dental, we are the experts when it comes to restorative dentistry. Whether you need dentures or a root canal, we will provide you with fast, painless, and professional service. Our modern dentistry is always delivered with a compassionate touch, and our patients walk away with the brightest smiles for a number of reasons.

Reach out to us today to learn more about getting your new set of inlays and onlays!

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