Our Dental Philosphy

We would like to share with you our philosophy of dentistry and our responsibility to you –the patient.

Dentists have been telling their patients to brush after meals. These same patients keep coming back for routine examinations only to find that they have more dental disease.

Most people might as well have never owned a toothbrush for all the good they’ve done with it. The recent research has shown there is more to controlling dental disease than brushing and in our office you will learn this procedure by seeing, hearing, and doing it for yourself.

We have dedicated ourselves to the prevention of dental disease and consider the treatment secondary. Unless we’re controlling the cause of the disease, it’s rather ludicrous to be chasing the results.

The treatment of dental disease is expensive but a very necessary service for those who were of the generation in which the filling and extraction of teeth was more important than the prevention of the disease.

It is the policy of this office to save all manageable teeth and to extract only those that can’t be saved by treatment. Recent discoveries in dental research have shown dentists that everybody can retain all of their teeth if they are following a proper plan of oral hygiene.

What About Dentures?

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For years people have had the idea that is a just a matter of time until they lose their teeth. Hence, they never cared for them and as one ached the patient had it removed until there were no teeth remaining.

It has been the misunderstanding of many people that dentures are inevitable. That is not true. Another tragedy is that some think their problems are over when all their teeth are removed, because, “Grandpa has dentures and can peel an apple with them and wouldn’t trade them for his own natural teeth for a million dollars.

In essence, Grandpa doesn’t have a choice anymore because once they’re gone, that’s it. If the truth were known, you would find that the chewing efficiency of dentures is one-fourth that of natural dentition. Not to mention the psychological effect on some individuals — no one wants to grow old.

Staying With The Times

Our staff has had the finest training and prides itself in staying with the “times” so that ewe may provide our patients with the finest dentistry that is available. Our primary purpose is one of prevention which means you will be going through an educational program after which your treatment will be provided. We will see that you are free from dental pain at all times from the day you enter our office to the day your treatment is completed.

We would like to thank you for your confidence by allowing us to help you help yourself with your dental needs. We are certain you will be well rewarded with a lifetime of good dental hygiene.

Lower Dental Bills

Those patients who follow our program of control will have fewer cavities, less gum disease, and lower dental bills. It is the intent of this office to see that our young patients graduate from high school with their teeth and a minimum of restorations (fillings).