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Best Ways an Orthodontist in St. Louis Can Fix a Gummy Smile

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Best Ways an Orthodontist in St. Louis Can Fix a Gummy Smile

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There are quite a few things that an Orthodontist in St. Louis would be able to do for you and getting your smile perfect is definitely amongst one of the specializations. If you are showing a lot of gum tissue when you smile and you wonder how to get this fixed – visiting a dentist is the thing that you should be doing right away.

Now, as you may understand, the official term for the so called “gummy smile” is excessive gingival display and it can result from a variety of different conditions. There are quite a few things that are going to determine whether you display too much of this tissue. For instance, the things of greatest influence are the lips, the teeth as well as the supporting bone and, of course, the gums themselves.

However, even though an abnormality in each of those can cause an excessive display of your gums, you have to know that in some cases the problems might derive from the position of your teeth. This is where the Orthodontist in St. Louis is going to come into the picture offering a helping hand. If your jaws are place properly then you might have teeth which are just too long. Of course, the problem might not be in your teeth and it may derive from slightly longer jaws. In any case, the orthodontist is the doctor that’s going to help you get the perfect smile. They work to ensure that with the least discomfort you can get the smile and confidence you need. Although as it is a surgical process healing time will vary as per each individual.

There are different procedures that can be undertaken. They range from regular shortening of your gums by removing the unnecessary parts to complicated surgical procedures which may take a few hours to complete properly when it comes to relocating or aligning jaws, for instance. In any case, this is not something that has to be underestimated as your teeth and smile are something that makes one of the most impactful first impressions and it’s going to deeply affect your self-worth and confidence.

Nevertheless, you have to understand that there are so many different variables that have to be properly accounted for and that’s why you should consider taking the issue to the professional and letting the orthodontist diagnose the case. The treatment should particularly address the problematic area and it may involve fixes of lips, jaws or teeth. In any case, the orthodontist is going to take care of all of these as he is capable of treating them individually and evaluating the problem combining all possible problems all together. You should trust your orthodontist as he is a licensed professional who’s undergone a significant amount of time studying nothing but your mouth and how it functions properly.

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