Beverages And Foods To Avoid After Having Your Teeth Whitened

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Beverages And Foods To Avoid After Having Your Teeth Whitened

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In the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening procedures in St. Louis have become an extremely popular way of brightening a dimming smile and discolored teeth. However, it is important to understand that your teeth are especially susceptible to discoloration or staining immediately afterwards. Plus, they will be more sensitive as well. So it is extremely important that you adjust your drinking and eating habits in order to keep your freshly whitened smile as bright as possible. The following are some beverages and foods you should temporarily avoid and limit any that may cause you some discomfort.

Cold Beverages and Foods

Your teeth will probably be sensitive to cold temperatures after you have undergone a whitening procedure. This sensitivity could last between 36 and 48 hours so avoid eating foods right out of the fridge. Avoid cold beverages and foods such as ice cream, ice water, frozen desserts, and frozen yogurt to play it safe. If your teeth are extremely sensitive during that first 36 to 48 hours, avoid any cold beverages and food altogether.

Dark-colored Beverages

While beverages and liquids such as milk and water are okay to drink, dark-colored beverages should be avoided after a teeth whitening procedure. Avoid beverages such as coffee, dark sodas, red wines, and tea. You should also avoid dark juices including cranberry, grape, orange, and tomato juice. Minimize liquid contact with your teeth by using a straw to drink other beverages.

Foods that cause Staining

There are a number of beverages and foods that will stain your teeth after undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. The longer you stay away from these, the whiter your teeth will remain. Thus, stay away from:

  • beets
  • blueberries
  • dark chocolate
  • dark marinades
  • dark soups
  • soy sauce
  • stews
  • tomato sauces

In addition to these beverages and foods, due to the liberal usage of curry and tomato sauces, you should also avoid Indian and Spanish cuisine

High Acidic Content Beverages and Foods

In St. Louis, the teeth whitening procedures leave your teeth especially sensitive to beverages and foods with a high acidic content. These can lead to discomfort and pain while drinking and eating. Grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, pickles, pineapples, sodas, and vinegar while make your saliva considerably more acidic and potentially damage freshly whitened teeth. Remember, whitening chemicals have the tendency to weaken your teeth. Thus, if you already have weak teeth, get the dental appointment and for a check whether you are eligible for this procedure.

The above precautions are not intended to scare you away from a professional teeth whitening procedure. It is to help you avoid ruining your freshly whitened smile so that it remains bright for weeks to come. Just keep in mind that no teeth whitening procedure is permanent. Eventually, your teeth will need to be whitened again. For a better understanding of professional teeth whitening procedures, you should sit down with your dentist and discuss the issue.

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