How To Care About Your Braces With An Orthodontist In St. Louis

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How To Care About Your Braces With An Orthodontist In St. Louis

how to care for braces dentist st louis

There are plenty of ways you can avoid an orthodontic emergency and that is why it is important to know about the correct ways to care about your braces, for as long as you wear them. But the fact is that no matter how much care you take, accidents do happen. From loose wire to discomfort or even the bands popping, you need the assistance of an orthodontist in St. Louis when you are in pain.

Most of the sudden requirements stem from wires that poke or broken braces/retainers, mouth and gum injuries while playing sports. Usually dentist advice that if you wear braces or retainers, it is best to use mouth guard to make sure that the braces/retainers along with your teeth is protected. There are plenty of other ways to ensure that during the period you are required to wear braces or retainers, you care about them properly. Here are some tips to help you have better oral health.

Avoid Sticky Food

When you use braces or other orthodontic appliances, it is important that you avoid foods that can damage the braces. These include sticky, chewy and hard food items. Most people wear the retainers and/or braces for at least 24 months and it is best that you avoid it during this time. The reasons is that hard foods require more jaw power to crush and that in turn breaks the brackets of the retainers or braces. While constant chewing of sticky foods can bend the wires, which leads to an orthodontic emergency. If the wire is poking or pressing against the gums/cheek or lips, put cotton over it before you visit the orthodontist in St. Louis.

Heightened Discomfort

Though you will feel pain and discomfort after the treatment, especially after the braces have been put for the first time, or tightened after the treatment session, it should wane away after a couple of days. However, even after three to five days the pain has not subsided, it is an emergency and needs to be checked by the dentist.

Use Mouthguards

It has been seen that most of the injuries affect the jaw and the teeth. There are plenty of mouthguards available and you should use it when you play any sport. This not only protects your teeth in case of injury but ensures that the braces or retainers stay safe. You can ask the orthodontist in St. Louis about the mouth guard that will suit your requirement.

Proper Oral Care

Flossing and brushing your teeth is a vital aspect of healthy gums and teeth. You need to brush after each meal especially if you have braces as food particles can get beneath the metal brackets. With time, improper brushing can lead to plaque accumulation and other gum infections. To ensure that there is no oral infection anytime, gargle with salt infused water after you eat.

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