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Debunk the Myths Surrounding Root Canals

One of the most common services provided by a dentist in St. Louis is the root canal procedure. However, if you’ve been recently informed that you need such a thing the chances are that you immediately started browsing through the internet in order to get more information about the procedure. The internet can truly be a great source of valuable information, provided that you know how to properly sort it out and differentiate it from the completely unreliable fairytales. This is why we are here to provide you with proper insight regarding the most common myths about root canals and the reality behind them.

You need a root canal only if you feel severe tooth pain

This is the first thing that you might come across the internet. However, the truth is that if your tooth is dead you wouldn’t really feel any pain as the nerve is dead. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a root canal. In fact, there are several temperature tests that are capable of telling you when a tooth has died and whether you need a root canal or not.

The treatment for root canal is painful

In reality, the root canal is actually going to relieve you from the pain which is incredibly progressive and associated with the decay of your tooth that has already reached the root and caused a particular infection. Throughout the implementation and usage of modern technology the procedure of a root canal is going to be like a simple and painless filling procedure.

Root canals can cause an illness

This is one of the most common myths thanks to the inaccurate and old research of Dr. Price which took place almost 100 years ago back in the 1920s. Not only are root canal procedure safe and incredibly effective, they also get rid of the bacteria from the infected roots, which mean that they are preventing the eventual inflammation and development of the illness.

In any case, a dentist in St. Louis can definitely do a lot of good and you should most certainly consider visiting a specialist of this kind if you have issues with your teeth. However, you should also consider the fact that even though the internet is definitely rich in information, there are also a lot of unsupported things out there that might get you mislead pretty badly. This is why it is highly advisable to only trust your doctor in situations of the kind and don’t let unreliable information lead you to believe things which are simply false. This might cause you to fear a potentially beneficial treatment and you can decide to avoid or delay it and this can cause a lot of complications.

However, after any dental procedure you need to maintain an oral care schedule and it is similarly done after a root canal. Thus, get all the details from your doctor so that healing is faster.

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