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Are Dental Bridges Beneficial to Overcome Lost Teeth?

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Are Dental Bridges Beneficial to Overcome Lost Teeth?

If you have lost one or more of your teeth, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. As per the report from American Dental Association, most adults above the age of 20 years to senior years have at least two or three missing teeth due to injuries or decay. However, with advancements in technology, innovative dentistry has ensured that there are plenty of options for replacement of the missing teeth. And one of these options is dental bridges. For those not looking to get permanent dental implants, you can look at the different types of dental bridges in St. Louis that your dentist might have discussed with you. These are the four basic types of dental bridges in St. Louis that you can opt for.

Cantilever Dental Bridges

These are similar to the traditional dental bridges in St. Louis but can be supported on a single abutment. This ensures that even if there is just one strong tooth next to missing tooth, the Cantilever bridge can be secured. It will be supported on a single tooth which has to be prepared for the abutment by peeing off the natural enamel. The only drawback is that a heathy tooth becomes weak or might lead to a fractured tooth later on.

Traditional Dental Bridges

These are the most common dental bridges that people opt for. The bridge has one or more prosthetic teeth and is fitted with the help of dental crowns or abutment fixed on the adjoining teeth. Usually this type of bridge is used when you have one or two missing teeth while the adjoining teeth are strong to be used as abutment. However, to fix the bridge, the enamel of the adjoining teeth is removed to make space for the crown.

Maryland Dental Bridges

These are more sophisticated than the other two dental bridges of St. Louis and are considered conservative alternatives. There is a prosthetic tooth held in place within a porcelain or metallic framework. This is bonded into the back of the teeth close to the gap where the pontic is to be fitted. As the bridge is not held in place by the natural teeth, the healthy teeth don’t require to be filed. But the fact is that as resin is used for bonding the strength is compromised. The framework can get into the way of the bite.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

These are another dental bridges, which are good for missing teeth and are perfect when there are more than one missing teeth. These bridges are supported by dental implants. Here only two implants are done and the rest of the missing gaps are filled by the bridge. The pontic are suspended on these two implant crowns. This limits the dental implants. As these are more comfortable, most people prefer this over other dental bridges in St. Louis.

With plenty of options available, now you can choose the dental bridges that you want as per the requirement and budget. Your dentist will evaluate your jaw strength for the implant supported dental bridges.

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