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Dream Dentist: How to Find the Best Family Dentist in St. Louis

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Dream Dentist: How to Find the Best Family Dentist in St. Louis

Family Dentist in St. Louis

58% of Americans visit the dentist every year.

Everyone of all ages should get a dental cleaning at least twice a year. This helps prevent severe oral issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist can also identify some ailments that affect your oral health.

It’s integral you choose the best family dentist. But how do you know if a dentist is the best choice for you? This handy guide can be the way to identify a dentist that you and your family will love.

Are you in St. Louis? Here’s how to find the best family dentist in St. Louis.

Check Their Education and Credentials

First, always check a dentist’s credentials before scheduling an appointment. See where your dentist went to college. A reputable dentist attended an accredited dental school and passed the mandatory exams.

Most dentists will have this information available on their websites. If you can’t find it, look for any degrees and certifications in their practice. You can also ask them before you make your appointment.

You should also look beyond their initial education. The dental world is evolving. There are new technologies and techniques that improve patient care and enhance a dentist’s understanding of oral health.

They Offer the Latest Technology

As stated previously, the dental world is constantly evolving. You’ll want to research which dentists offer the latest and best technology. This can include powerful x-rays and more effective tools that are better than traditional tools.

This technology should extend to all dental services, such as cosmetic and preventative services.

Before scheduling your appointment, call and ask what new and special technology they use. If you’re unfamiliar with dental tech, research this tech and see if it’s the current industry standard.

Ask Your Insurance Provider for Recommendations

If you have dental insurance, you have a powerful tool that can match you with the right dentist. Ask your insurance provider about dentists in your area and if they have recommendations.

If you have insurance, it’s important you find a dentist that accepts your insurance. Dental procedures will be more affordable and your insurance may cover your basic cleanings and other services.

What if you don’t have insurance? Some dentists offer discounts and payment plans for uninsured patients. Find a dentist who offers these perks.

Look at Their Services

A reliable family dentist will offer these core services:

  • Cleanings
  • Cavity fillings
  • Cosmetic services
  • Preventative services
  • Tooth removals
  • Gum disease treatment and cleanings

If you’re looking for a kid’s dentist, a family dentist will offer specific services and accommodations for children.

Your biggest concern should be ensuring the dentist offers the services you need. There are some services that not all dentists provide.

Trust Referrals and Recommendations

You trust your family and friends more than anyone else. Your loved ones can help recommend a great dentist. Reach out to loved ones and ask which dentist they go to.

Ask why they love their dentist and what separates them from other dentists.

Many dentists also offer a referral service so your loved ones get benefits from recommendations.

Read Reviews

Can’t find a dentist recommendation from your loved ones? The internet makes it easier to search for reviews and find dentist recommendations. You can find reviews on sources such as Yelp and even Facebook.

Keep in mind, online reviews can be mixed.

It’s also impossible to judge a dentist by one bad review — one patient may have had a bad experience while another may have had the best experience.

It’s best to read a combination of positive, negative, and so/so reviews to gauge a good understanding of a dentist.

Most importantly, your dentist should have a positive record. They have no lawsuits and caused no serious injuries for patients. Do a Google search for potential business and make sure they have a positive impact on the community.

Your Dentist’s Personality

Before your appointment, see if you can meet the dentist in person and gauge their personality. You should be able to get along with your dentist. They should have a friendly personality and be respectful to you and your family.

Your dentist should also treat their patients as individuals. Every patient has unique needs and your dentist should go out of their way to ensure you’re comfortable.

Your dentist should be friendly but knowledgeable. They can give you great education but can do so without undermining or criticizing you.

Great Office Culture

A family dentist should offer a friendly and comfortable office.

This is especially important with kids; no child likes the dentist, which is why the dentist you choose should have child-friendly accommodations to make visiting the dentist easy and enjoyable.

You should also identify the cleanliness of the office. Spend time in the waiting room. Make sure it’s comfortable and if the dentist offers accommodations, such as a TV and reading material.

Before scheduling your appointment, ask if you can visit the office. Observe how the dentist and hygienists treat their patients.

You should also observe the staff members at the front desk. Are they nice to patients? Do they answer any questions? How do they act over the phone and in-person?

They Offer the Latest Procedures

Some procedures and services are new or have improved over time. These updated procedures will help improve your oral health and may make certain procedures more comfortable.

You can visit a dentist’s website and read their services section to gauge how updated their procedures are. If their website doesn’t offer this information, you can always call and inquire.

Are You Looking for a Family Dentist in St. Louis?

Now that you know all of the qualities that make a great dentist, are you looking for a family dentist in St. Louis? Look no farther than our clinic! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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