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Invisalign vs braces
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January 16, 2018
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February 13, 2018
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How to Know if You Need an Emergency Dentist

emergency dentist

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite thing to do.

In fact, some people avoid the dentist altogether. This may be due to severe dental anxiety or one bad experience in the past. But, everyone needs a dentist!

This is especially true if you find yourself in an emergency dental situation.

In the event that something severe happens to your teeth, gums, or even your jaw, you have to contact an emergency dentist.

Here are some examples of what may cause this need.

1. You Have an Intense Toothache

It’s one thing to experience a bit of a toothache after eating something particularly cold or crunchy. This may be a sign of tooth sensitivity, but it doesn’t always call for an emergency dentist visit.

If you have a significant, long-lasting pain in a tooth, though, your case is worth looking into.

Such an ache could be the first sign of an infection in the root of the tooth or along the gums, or even another problem you can’t see with the naked eye. This could happen to a naked tooth or to one that has had previous filling or crown work done.

2. A Tooth Is Loose, Chipped, or Broken

Although the root of an ache is not as easy to see right away, there is no denying a loose, chipped, or broken tooth. This is something you can feel or see as soon as it happens and it requires immediate attention.

A loose tooth could simply be the result of biting down on something the wrong way. Or, it could be more drastic like a decaying tooth or an issue with any dental gear you wear.

Similarly, a chipped or broken tooth could be the result of many things. But, this doesn’t have to be the way your smile looks forever. There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry and fillings available to make you look good as new.

Exploring these options begins with a visit to your emergency dentist, though.

3. A Filling or Other Dental Tool is Damaged

Speaking of cosmetic dentistry, what happens if this the kind of dental issue you are having?

You don’t necessarily need to go back to the dentist who first did your filling or fixed your smile. A local emergency dentist might be able to step in where they left off. This all depends on the kind of work you had done and how severe the damage is, though.

One quick consultation can tell you everything you need to know. It gets you in the door of an emergency office to provide you with all the next steps to look and feel as good as new.

4. Your Gums Bleed or Ache

Bleeding gums or an ache in the area around your teeth could be another reason you need an emergency dental visit.

This condition is a sign of poor dental care.

It is often caused by lack of frequent brushing or flossing. Then, when you do go to clean your teeth, your gums begin to bleed. If it happens frequently, your gums may burn or bleed randomly as time goes on.

Not to mention, it’s not the best look. Get to the emergency dentist as soon as you can to keep this problem from progressing.

5. Your Jaw Is Swollen

Bleeding or aching gums are one way to notice if you have an infection growing underneath the teeth. A more serious – and demanding – sign is a swollen jaw.

This could be the result of an infection in the gums as well as the salivary glands.

A salivary gland infection is not something to take lightly. It can create trouble chewing and swallowing, altering your diet significantly until it is cured.

This infection also has the possibility of causing a bad taste in your mouth, a head cold, or trouble breathing. Sometimes, such symptoms can lead to sleep apnea or bad coughing.

Stop all of these issues before they start. Your emergency dentist can help, and your body will thank you.

6. You Have a Growing Dental Abscess

Another dental issue to treat as soon as you can is an abscess.

This the final straw to take care of an infected tooth. An abscess occurs when pus forms around a tooth infection. The pus gathers together in a small pocket underneath the gums, which will look like a bump to the naked eye.

This can sometimes be painful, although the level of discomfort varies.

Either way, it is not something you should just keep as is. The abscess may grow in size or spread your infection to neighboring teeth.

7. Your Canker Sore Hasn’t Gone Away

A canker sore is kind of like the more common, less serious cousin of a dental abscess. These are wounds that appear on the soft tissue inside the lips or around the gums.

Canker sores vary in size and strength. Some are minor and can be treated at home. Others need immediate attention due to their extremity – sometimes appearing in clusters of ten or more in the most severe cases.

If you try to tough your canker sore(s) out, but to no avail, it’s time to call an emergency dentist. Their efforts will be much more effective than your DIY approach to dentistry.

8. Your Mouth Tastes Like Metal

When your mouth tastes like metal, it is not because of something bad you ate.

This is most commonly caused by some sort of damage to a piece of metal you have in your mouth. Such dental materials may be braces, a filling, or a crown. When these items become loose or broken, the taste in your mouth will tell the difference.

But, only a dentist will be able to find the right solution.

The Value of Having Emergency Dentist Contact Information

Although you hope you never have to experience any of the conditions above, you never know when one may strike.

Dental emergencies can cause extreme discomfort in the body and disrupt your daily life. These are better to treat sooner rather than later for a multitude of reasons.

As such, it pays off to have the contact information of an emergency dentist on-hand at all times. Even if you never have to use it, you at least will always have the peace of mind it provides.

Click here for our office’s contact information – available 24 hours a day for emergency services!

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