How Regular Teeth Cleaning Benefit Overall Health

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family cosmetic dentistry
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May 12, 2017
dentist in st. louis
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May 26, 2017
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How Regular Teeth Cleaning Benefit Overall Health

teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning not only helps you to achieve a bright white smile. It can actually improve your health.

Caring for your teeth is not limited to brushing and flossing your teeth twice per day. You must embark with regular teeth cleaning from a dentist.

We’re taking a look at how regular dental cleaning can benefit your overall health.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that is the first step towards gum disease.

Gum disease is often caused by a build-up of plaque around your teeth. Unfortunately, this can lead to swollen teeth and bleeding when you brush your teeth.

The plaque that causes gum disease is a blend of food and bacteria. To prevent gum disease, it’s important for the plaque to be cleaned away to maintain oral health.

Teeth cleaning scrapes away the plaque, ensuring you maintain a healthy, happy smile.

Reduce Likelihood of a Heart Attack or Stroke

The bacteria in your mouth cannot only harm your teeth and gums. It could find its way into your bloodstream.

Unfortunately, this can increase your chances of experiencing a stroke or heart attack.

Teeth cleaning could be the answer to the medical problems.

Researchers reviewed more than 100,000 adults from the Taiwan national health insurance database. Half of the adults had never experienced teeth scaling.

The researchers discovered that those who had at one least one dental cleaning had a 13% lower risk of a stroke. They also had a 24% lower risk of a heart attack.

It’s believed that a dental cleaning can help to reduce inflammation caused by bacteria. It can also improve blood vessel function to promote the blood flow across your body.

Diabetes Prevention

Both diabetes and gum disease go hand-in-hand.

People living with diabetes are more vulnerable to gum disease.

Yet, serious gum disease will make it difficult to gain control of their blood glucose levels. As a result, it can result in a person developing diabetes.

Teeth cleaning can remove plaque and tartar that builds on teeth throughout the year.

A professional dental cleaning service will scrape away the plaque and tartar. It’s an effective way to practice good oral hygiene, alongside brushing and flossing.

Decrease the Rate of Dementia

Sadly, people with gum disease and dementia declined 6x faster than people with healthy teeth.

Bodily inflammation has been connected to a greater mental decline in dementia patients.

The periodontal bacteria can, unfortunately, increase inflammation in a dementia patient’s body.

As a result, researchers believe that maintaining dental health could reduce dementia’s impact. Regular brushing, flossing and teeth cleaning could improve a person’s quality of life.

Prevent Premature Birth or Low Birth Weight

Nothing is more important to a parent that their children.

That’s why any expectant Mothers should take the steps to care for their dental health.

Gum disease is believed to increase the likelihood of a premature birth and low birth weight. Not only that, but the disease may also result in a delayed conception and impotence.

Before you plan a pregnancy, it’s important to create healthy teeth and gums. Visit a dentist for a checkup and embark with a dental cleaning service at least once per year.

Prevent Cavities

You are more than likely familiar with the saying “prevention is better than cure”. Well, that is certainly apt when it comes to your dental health.

Teeth cleaning can scrape away plaque from your teeth, which is the leading cause of tooth decay.

The troublesome plaque will eat away at your tooth enamel.

If you don’t embark with a brushing, flossing and dental cleaning routine, it can cause cavities. If you leave the cavities to rot, it will lead to considerable pain and a possible tooth extraction.

Prevent Bad Breath

No-one wants to have bad breath. Not only is it unpleasant for other people, but it can knock your confidence.

A good oral hygiene routine can help prevent bad breath. Make sure you brush and floss at least twice per day.

Teeth cleaning is also a superb way to maintain a healthy mouth whilst keeping it odor-free.

Prevent Other Health Conditions with Teeth Cleaning

Your oral health can cause overall health problems. Yet, other conditions can actually impact your oral health.

For example, there are certain medications that impact your dental health, such as:

  • Painkillers
  • Decongestants
  • Antihistamines
  • Antidepressants
  • Diuretics

Unfortunately, these medications can reduce saliva flow, which can cause bacteria to grow. That’s because the saliva helps to wash away food whilst neutralizing bacterial acids.

If there’s no saliva, there’s nothing to protect a microbial invasion that can lead to gum disease.

When this happens, it’s important to care for your dental health as much as possible. It’s important to book an appointment with a dentist to discuss how you can care for your teeth and gums.

You can guarantee a dentist will recommend professional dental cleaning.

Dry Mouth Conditions

It’s also important to be aware that there are certain immune system disorders that can lead to dry mouth.

The following conditions can impact your oral health:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • An eating disorder
  • Head and neck cancers
  • Sjogren’s syndrome

For this reason, it’s important to discuss any medical conditions with a dentist. You should detail any medications you are taking, and if they have had an impact on your health.


There are some diseases that can increase the likelihood of oral health problems.

For example, HIV/AIDS can lower a person’s resistance to an infection. As a result, the disease can cause severe oral health problems.


As you have read, your oral health and general health are linked to each other.

Unfortunately, poor oral health can cause a variety of life-changing health issues. That’s why it’s vital to reduce your chances of a stroke, heart attack, diabetes or pregnancy problems, and more.

If you fail to care for your oral health, your oral health will fail to care for your body.

Teeth cleaning can help you enjoy a healthy smile and happy body. Don’t neglect your body and book an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

If you want to take control of your oral health, find out more about our dental services.

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