When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Teen’s Missing Tooth?

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When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Teen’s Missing Tooth?

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There are quite a lot of different reasons for which you might want to replace a missing tooth. From health to appearance, the options are numerous. Of course, you can use a dental implant or any other form of restoration in case it’s practical and effective. The bone which is around the socket of the tooth is going to diminish if it remains empty. In fact, this happens at a rate of 25% per year, which is definitely considerable. Of course, your smile is also going to be a lot less attractive.

Permanent Restoration

However, you might have to wait for some time before you undergo any permanent restoration in order to allow the jaws time to develop. An implant which is placed prior to the proper completion of the development is capable of appearing out of sync with the other teeth. Our main concern is always protecting the bone health. We are capable of doing this and also to encourage the growth by placing specifically designed bone grafts which are going to serve as scaffolds onto which the bone can actually grow. The grafts are usually going to dissolve as time passes which is convenient enough.

Loss of tooth

The orthodontist is capable of accommodating the loss of tooth by placing a temporary one with the braces in order to prevent the usage of a permanent dental implant. He is also going to take proper care in order to properly maintain the space which is empty and prepare it for the future implant or any other form of dental restoration.

Usually, a dental implant is known to be the most appropriate option for when a tooth is missing. This is not only because of its life-like appearance but also because of its durability and special ability to encourage the maintenance of the bone. However, when it comes to it, timing is particularly important. As the teen grows, his upper jaw is going to move forward and in a downright direction. The natural teeth are going to follow this growth naturally. However, implants, as they are attached in a different manner won’t move with the bone of the jaw. This is going to happen as other teeth move and it’s going to result in misalignment and unattractive smile. That’s why you need to wait until this particular development is through.

For the majority of people, the growth of the jaw is going to end at about twenty-one years for men and usually a bit faster for women. Of course, this is strictly individual and characteristic. However, the experience of the dentist and their expertise should be enough in order to determine whether or not the time is appropriate for beginning of a treatment of this kind. Usually, family dentist in St. Louis looks after the needs of the whole family and that is why they are able to determine when would be the best time to get the replacements.

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