invisalign st louis
Invisalign in St. Louis: An Alternative to Braces
August 14, 2017
Emergency Dental Care
Emergency Dental Care When You Need it Most
September 19, 2017
invisalign st louis
Invisalign in St. Louis: An Alternative to Braces
August 14, 2017
Emergency Dental Care
Emergency Dental Care When You Need it Most
September 19, 2017
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Minimize Time in The Office With Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

People shudder at the thought of getting a dental crown.

To some, it means confinement to a dental chair, numbness, and overall discomfort. And this discomfort often isn’t something that can be taken care of in one sitting. In the past, the crowning process would often take at least two visits. 

People get dental crowns for several reasons. Most people get them to protect weak teeth or to restore broken ones. This means that often, there’s no getting around the need for this procedure.

But what if you could simplify the process and spend less time at the dentist’s office?

With same day crowns, this is possible. We’re here to explain this advanced procedure, and tell you why you should consider getting one. Dental work doesn’t have to be painful, or cost you too much time off work. Read on to learn about how to simplify your next visit. 

How Traditional Dental Crowns Work

Same day crowns take less time than traditional crowns. To understand them, you need to understand the traditional dental crown procedure.


First, your dentist will assess the damage. In some cases, your dentist may require X-Ray imaging to get a complete overview of your teeth and mouth.

Anesthetizing, Reshaping, & Molding

Before beginning the procedure, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to the tooth and surrounding gums.

Then, your dentist will file down the sides and the chewing surface to ensure that the crown fits properly. Some dentists may fill in any gaps, so the crown has enough support.

Next, your dentist will make an impression of the tooth using a putty or paste.

Some dentists use digital imagery. This is more common with same day crowns (which we will get to in just a moment.)

The impression then helps to create a perfect cap that fits over the tooth — and doesn’t affect your bite.

Lab Work & Temporary Crown

Your dentist will send your scans and impressions to a lab, which will manufacture the final crown.

In the meantime, your dentist will cement in a temporary crown. It will protect your teeth in between appointments.

You’ll be able to talk as you could before with the temporary crown. But you’ll need to avoid hard and sticky foods until the permanent crown is placed.

The assessment, molding, and temporary crown placement takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Final Fitting

Your dentist will receive the final crown in 2 to 3 weeks.

You’ll then come in again to have the temporary crown removed and replaced. Again, your dentist will administer local anesthesia.

The second appointment usually takes 30 minutes.

You shouldn’t feel pain with a crown that’s recently been put in. If you do, contact your dentist immediately. 

A Faster, Easier, & Better Crown Procedure

With same day crowns, the traditional procedure is cut down to a single appointment.

It’s all thanks to the technological advancements that have made this possible.

CEREC Technology for More Accurate Impressions

Dentists traditionally use putty or paste to get tooth impressions. But accurate tooth impressions are possible with CEREC and CAD/CAM technology.

In fact, CAD/CAM technology can magnify these images to 10 to 20 times the actual size of a tooth.

First, your dentist will prepare you for the procedure with local anesthesia. They’ll also remove any infectious tooth and gum debris.

After preparation, your dentist will take digital images of your tooth. They’ll use an intraoral camera that does not cause discomfort.

Then, these images are sent to a computer. The computer then creates a digital 3-dimensional impression with CEREC software. This software will measure out the proper dimensions for a perfect fitting cap.

3-D Milling & Same Day Placement

There’s no need for 2 appointments with same day crowns. With digital impressions, your dentist can design a crown while you wait in the chair.

A 3-dimensional milling machine will manufacture a crown the same day as your assessment. The crown is molded from a block of porcelain.

Your dentist will also make sure that it fits the shade of your teeth. Then, your dentist will make sure the crown fits. If necessary, adjustments can be made that same day.

Finally, your dentist places the final crown with a secure adhesive. They’ll polish it and remove any excess cement before sending you home.

No temporaries or second appointment necessary.

The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

Besides requiring less time at the dentist, same day crowns have additional benefits.

For one thing, you can resume normal eating and activities right after placement.

You’ll be able to preserve more of your natural tooth if you get a crown. Plus, you can prevent further damage or injury.

There’s also less chance of infection after placement. That’s because CEREC adhesive is stronger and more efficient than traditional dental cement.

Additionally, the porcelain used is non-toxic. Many types of porcelain contain some degree of aluminum, which is harmful. But CEREC crowns contain lithium-dioxide porcelain.

Lithium-dioxide porcelain is not only toxic. It also looks and feels more like natural teeth.

In addition to time-efficiency, you can also cut down on dental costs. Because one-day crowns are done in a single appointment, you won’t have to pay for a second one.

Is a CEREC Crown Right for You?

Every crown is designed to fit around an individual tooth.

With that said, not every tooth is the same. 

If you clench or grind your teeth, you may need an alloy crown. An alloy crown is strong enough to endure excess clenching and grinding.

But unfortunately, alloy crowns can only be made in dental labs.

How long do single-visit crowns last?

Most same day crowns last decades. But some stay in better condition longer than others.

Oral hygiene varies on a patient-to-patient basis. Some patients take better care of their teeth than others. And those with good oral hygiene regimes preserve the look and state of their crowns.

One’s diet can also wear down on crowns more than others. So, those who eat hard and sticky foods often can wear down on their crowns more.

At any rate, no degree of tooth damage or decay should deter you away from getting a single-visit crown. They’re the suitable option in nearly all cases.

Minimize Time at the Dentist with Same Day Crowns

There’s nothing more aggravating than finding out that you need a dental crown. It’s especially nerve-wracking for those who hate going to the dentist.

Luckily, you don’t have to return to the dentist after finding out you need a dental crown.

CEREC technology has revolutionized the procedure. Now, patients spend less time at the dentist and can better protect their teeth.

Located in or around St. Louis? Interested in same day crowns? Want to enhance and brighten your smile in a single day?

Contact Forest Park Dental today to schedule your appointment.

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