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Signs that indicate You need Endodontic or Root Canal Therapy

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Your teeth consist of numerous blood vessels and nerves deep within the root and its central pathways or canals. Despite the fact that they provide vital nutrients to your teeth, eventually they will no longer be needed. Once this happens, your dentist can remove those blood vessels and nerves without damaging the tooth by performing a root canal procedure in St. Louis. Ultimately, the final determination to perform this procedure will be based on your dentist’s evaluation of the tooth or teeth in question. However, there are several signs that indicate the need for root canal therapy:

  • Broken tooth – another indicator is that the nerves have become exposed because you have a broken tooth which has resulted in an infection. Not treating this will lead to more serious problems such as having to extract the tooth because it’s been damaged beyond repair or the infection entering your blood stream and causing a number of different health issues.
  • Gum redness and swelling – if the gum tissues around a particular tooth appear to be red and swollen, this is usually an indication of problems underneath the surface. By examining this area around the tooth, your dentist may discover an inflammation and conclude that the best solution is to perform a root canal procedure.
  • Pain – the appearance of pain is typically one of the first indicators that there is an issue with the tooth. You should see your dentist immediately if you notice that you cannot drink or eat without feeling discomfort. The problem could be a cavity that has caused an infection and inflammation in the blood vessels and nerves. When antibiotics aren’t effective, a root canal procedure may be recommended.
  • Sensitivity to cold – cold beverages and foods will send a person over their threshold for pain. You may find yourself chewing on one side of your mouth in order to avoid the cold contacting the infected tooth. Because of the blood vessels and nerves in the root, pain can oftentimes be excruciating. In cases such as these, a dentist will most likely conclude that the best solution is root canal therapy.
  • Sensitivity to heat – the opposite holds true with sensitivities to temperature and just as you are intolerant of cold, the same holds true with hot beverages and foods. If drinking your morning coffee or afternoon tea is causing a dull ache and you are unable to enjoy those beverages like you normally would, a root canal may be necessary. Just as there could be sensitivities to cold, the tooth’s nerves will not tolerate heat either.

While these are all signs you can observe at home, you should consider making an appointment with your dentist as he or she ultimately makes the decision when a root canal procedure in St. Louis is necessary. If it has to be done, you can discuss the procedure in detail with the dentist and get your queries clarified.

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