Sink Your Teeth into It: 7 Reasons You Might Need Dental Implants

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Sink Your Teeth into It: 7 Reasons You Might Need Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Did you know that over 40 million Americans have lost all their teeth, and another 178 million are missing at least one tooth? Even worse is the fact that 30 percent of senior citizens between ages 65 and 74 are missing all their natural teeth?

That’s the report coming out of The American College of Prosthodontists. So, if you’re missing some teeth, and thinking of alternatives like dentures or dental implants, know that you’re not alone.

Missing teeth aren’t pleasant at all. They affect everything from your chewing ability to your looks and even your self-esteem. A great set of teeth does wonders for your confidence and looks.

They’re partly responsible for strong jawlines and an ability to smile confidently. No wonder people are usually more attracted to those who have great teeth and an awesome smile. 

 If you’ve lost some of your teeth, don’t worry. There’s a real, long term solution to that problem in the form of dental implants. 

Why are they a great option? 

Dental Implants are a Solid Alternative to Dentures

Dentures are cheaper and provide a near-instant solution to missing teeth. However, they are not a viable long-lasting solution for many.

People who wear dentures often suffer from self-esteem issues, the risk of it falling out in public and so on.

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, over 3 million Americans have dental implants. So, when you choose them, you’re joining the league of folks whose lives have been transformed by them. 

With dental implants, you have none of the problems that come with dentures like food restrictions poor fit, mouth sores, and sunken lips/cheeks. They’re permanent, great looking, designed to fit your mouth, and help you look better. 

At the risk of sounding extreme, dentures can be quite disgusting to other people. Particularly if you have to remove and place it in a place where others can see it. 

It also does little or nothing for attraction. Spouses and partners are less likely to frolic with and go for a rump if their partners have dentures. 

Great for Replacing Lost Teeth

Admittedly, the cost of dental implants in St Louis or elsewhere can be quite steep. But it’s completely worth it. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, this is a great option for you.

The good news is that the procedure currently boasts of the highest success rates. Dental implants work because they feel and look natural, thanks to the porcelain coating surrounding each tooth.

This is different from dentures which can often be glaring, no thanks to the difference in teeth coloration. Some dentures are often brighter than the patient’s natural teeth; something that makes them obvious.

If you natural-looking teeth to replace your lost ones, you’ll find the implants to be just as fine. 

Improves Quality of Life

Do you know that tooth loss can lead to depression? According to this study, it’s possible. Missing teeth results in limited social activities, which can in turn, trigger depression. 

Thankfully, it’s possible to reverse this by simply getting dental implants. These not only work to improve your physical appearance and confidence, but it also helps improve chewing and talking.

If you’ve found yourself hesitating in public because you have a few missing teeth or are wearing dentures, you need to consider the implants

Restores Chewing Ability for Folks Who Have Lost Teeth

Without teeth, chewing and eating your favorite foods becomes incredibly difficult. The dental implant makes that easier. In fact, after patients make a full recovery, they’re able to go back to eating their favorite foods as much as they want.

An even better advantage lies in it not needing extra maintenance, apart from the regular brushing and flossing. Dentures don’t provide the option for chewing.

In fact, this is why many senior citizens can only eat mashed foods or fluids, as against solid foods and fruits.   

Restores Your Smile and Confidence

Confidence is key in all interpersonal interactions. And a great smile plays a role in getting that confidence. Naturally, people who smile more appear more confident and intelligent.

Which means they have a better chance of getting and keeping a job, attracting a partner, making new friends and living a more rewarding life.

You cannot smile at people when you’re toothless or have large chunks of your teeth absent. That just creeps people out and causes them to cringe. This is why people tend to slightly recoil or walk away from people without teeth.

It’s just always weird. A smile with healthy teeth furthers your cause and helps you secure those opportunities. As you can see, a good set of teeth, coupled with a great smile is like a gift that keeps on giving. 

Most Reliable Tooth Replacement Option

While there are other replacement options, dental implants are known to be the most reliable. They can last for over 30 years without the need for any replacement or correction.

All they need is regular teeth brushing and they’ll do just fine. In fact, it is possible to whiten your teeth at the dentist’s office, while you’re wearing it. This makes it such a cool fix for your missing teeth. 

Improves Appearance by Supporting Face and Bone Features

One of the biggest downsides of losing your teeth is your jaws become slack, and cheeks and lips start looking sunken -a condition that’s commonly seen in elderly folks without teeth. 

And if you’ve only lost one or two, prevents teeth from shifting into empty spaces. Every tooth serves as a support structure for its neighboring tooth. So, when one is missing, the other one tends to become weak. Dental implants will prevent and correct this. 

 Is That All About Dental Implants?

People who have great smiles tend to enjoy faster careers advancements too. And if you’re older, your smile can affect your social life.

Bottom line, people tend to trust and favor people with great smiles more than they do those without it. And missing teeth subtract from this.

If you’ve decided to get dental implants, or just want to know what it entails, get in touch with us here at Forest Park Dental

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