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Dental Crowns St Louis

Dental Crowns St Louis, MO

Dental Crowns St Louis, MO - Same Day Crowns

For any number of reasons, teeth can decay, crack, discolor, or be susceptible to numerous other problems. Even maintaining good dental hygiene on a daily basis cannot fully stop the natural weakening of teeth. If you live in St. Louis and have noticed any of these problems with your teeth, talk to your dentist. Forest Park Dental is among the prominent dentist, which can insert dental crowns in St Louis based dental offices. A crown is essentially a covering made to look like a real tooth that is placed over your existing damaged tooth. This is to prevent the existing damage from getting worse, or other problems developing, and is used when filing or bonding isn’t sufficient. Dental crowns are made to look exactly like your own teeth. They are made from either porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold. Your dentist will ensure they match the shade of your teeth, so nobody will even notice that you have a crown.

Procedure Overview

As it is a fairly simple procedure, it only takes a few visits to the dentist’s office to fit those dental crowns in St Louis. Sometimes it only takes a single visit. The first visit is to assess the damage to your teeth and prepare it for the crown fitting. Perhaps taking some x-rays to get a full overview of the damage. First the tooth will be filed down to the enamel so that the crown can comfortably fit over it. Next a mold will be made of the affected tooth, and the surrounding teeth, using putty like substance. This part of the procedure is performed under local anesthetic so there will be no pain or discomfort. The anesthesia wears off naturally after a few hours so it won’t affect your routine for too long.

The mold then goes to a dental lab where the crown is made to fit the tooth exactly. It will also be made to look exactly like the teeth that will surround it so that it won’t visibly stand out in your mouth.

After the mold is made, the dentist will fit a temporary crown so that there is no damage to the teeth, and so that your smile doesn’t look too strange. The temporary is fixed while you wait for the permanent crown to come back from the lab. These are typically made of acrylic and fitted with a temporary cement. So long as you take care while cleaning your teeth or flossing, and avoid any foods that are too hard, chewy or sticky, then your temporary crown will stay in place.

Once the permanent crown is ready, you will be called back to the office for the temporary crown to be removed and the permanent crown to be fitted and cemented into place over your damaged tooth. This is also performed under local anesthesia.

In some cases, updated technology allows dentists to scan your damaged teeth, enter the data into a computer, and create the crown while you are waiting. In these instances, you can go home with a fitted crown on the same day.

You may feel some sensitivity in the tooth after the procedure, particularly if the tooth still has a nerve in it. In which case your dentist may recommend you use a sensitive toothpaste for a while. If sensitivity or pain continues several weeks after the crown is fitted, then contact your dentist again to fix the problem.

However, if you have been taking care of your teeth and following your dentist’s post-op instructions, then you shouldn’t experience any problems. With proper dental hygiene and yearly dental check-ups, a crown can last anywhere between five to fifteen years.

Our Services

In addition to numerous other dental procedures, Forest Park Dental has been fitting dental crowns in St Louis since 1986. In that time they have developed a reputation for reliable service, professional dental work, and affordable prices. The most up to date technology available is used for treatment. Dentists can even make a 3D model of your teeth, so that they can better assess how to proceed with your dental work.

If you have any further questions, or want to make an appointment to discuss having a crown fitted, contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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