Dental Implants St Louis, MO

If you have a missing or extracted tooth and are worried about your options, then dental implants from the St Louis based Forest Park Dental, may be the solution you need. They are a permanent solution which don’t require extensive, painful surgery and won’t leave anything unsightly in your mouth.

Already dentists use them as a more favorable solution than other options such as bridges. As they don’t require any additional teeth to be altered in order to fit the new tooth. The procedure to fit implants takes place over a few months, and requires a few repeat visits to the dentist’s office. First the implant or implants, if multiple teeth are missing, is installed. This part of the procedure is performed by placing a screw into the jaw bone, making an incision in the gum, and inserting the implant. After all the implants are put into place, the gums are sutured.

This may seem like a scary procedure but it is done under local anesthesia by trained dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. The risks and discomfort are minimal. Local anesthesia is very mild and only takes a few hours to wear off after the procedure. And, you will be able to start eating again within a few hours of your surgery (although you should stick to soft foods for a few days afterwards). If you follow the dentist’s post-op instructions fully, there won’t be any complications with your implants requiring further surgery. There may be some slight pain after the procedure, which can be healed with over the counter pain medication. It is normal to feel nervous about undertaking dental surgery.

But failure to do so will not only make your smile look awful, but it could lead to further damage to your teeth and gums. The implant takes about three to six months to heal. However, you don’t need to worry about the implant disrupting your daily life. A temporary crown can be placed on the tooth during this time to protect the healing implant from damage. Meaning you can eat and talk normally and your teeth won’t look strange. As long as you take care while eating, cleaning your teeth, and flossing, the crown will stay in place with no problems.

During these months, the jawbone will form around the implant. Once this healing process is completed, an abutment of the implant is placed to serve as a base for the new tooth.

After this is completed, an impression of the abutment is made which will be used to create a permanent restoration. Forest Park Dental has a lab on-site to create these crowns. Having the impression sent to an outside lab, as many other dental surgeries do, would require a much longer wait time. And, the quality of the crown wouldn’t be assured.

Once the restoration has been completed in the lab, we will call you back for a final appointment to fit it permanently. Dental implants tend to take a little while to get used to as your mouth adjusts to the new tooth, after the initial fitting. But after some time you will get used to the feeling. The implants will both look and feel like one of your own teeth, and nobody will ever know that you had a tooth missing. If it still feels strange after a few days then you should contact your dentist. If you have followed all of the post-op instructions then this shouldn’t occur.

Should you have any further questions about getting dental implants in St Louis, contact Forest Park Dental today. Please do not hesitate to call if you would to discuss this as the best option for you, or want to schedule an appointment. We have been operating since 1986, and aim to offer patients top quality service; and professional dental care which is also affordable. The proximity of our offices mean you can easily get dental implants in St Louis, Central West End, Clayton, and Des Peres, as we are only a 25 minute drive from each of these cities. Don’t forget to also schedule regular yearly check-ups so that our dentists can spot, take care of, and prevent any issues before they become serious.