Why Teeth Whitening Should Never Be a DIY

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Why Teeth Whitening Should Never Be a DIY

Teeth Whitening Dentist St Louis

Teeth Whitening Dentist St Louis

One of the most bothersome problems in cosmetic dentistry is discolored teeth. Although today technology has come a long way from bleaching methods decades ago, it still costs money, and insurance doesn’t always cover it. Nonetheless, it’s a decision that needs to be made, because doing it yourself can only harm, rather than help. If you Google teeth whitening with home remedies, you’ll find many that claim to be safe and effective, but this is how many people have suffered dire consequences. Here are a few aspects of why teeth whitening is never a do-it-yourself process.

1. How Discolored Teeth Happen

Dental care giant Colgate outlines a few of the most common ways that you can end up with yellow teeth:

  • Tobacco use, especially over a long period of time
  • Consumption of beverages that stain easily such as coffee, soda, and red wine
  • Lack of routine dental hygiene such as regular brushing and flossing

Some of these lifestyle practices can also result in not only discolored teeth, but also more serious conditions like mouth cancer and the need for expensive, complex dental work. In this case, in a way, the one way that DIY is effective is when it’s about prevention.

2. When DIY Goes Wrong

Recently, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recalled many teeth whiteners in Australia due to unsafe bleaching methods. Whether you’re looking online and finding recipes for homemade concoctions that will supposedly get you a gleaming smile or going to the grocery store to purchase over the counter whitening kits, both methods can be dangerous, or at the very least, ineffective. Drugstore versions of teeth whitening may not be patently dangerous as of right now, though ratings change. However, they do tend to be on the pricier side, and you’re basically throwing your money away since they are neither particular effective nor long lasting. It’s better to save your money, and then put the lump sum toward getting the procedure done the right way, which is a much better investment in general.

3. How To Combat Discolored Teeth the Right Way

The short answer is go to a professional. If you’re seeking teeth whitening, St. Louis has many providers from which to choose. Forest Park Dental offers options for the entire family, and that includes tooth whitening. This is a perfect example of the kind of care you can expect to receive from a qualified dentist, rather than trying to do it yourself. The process of teeth whitening will be overseen from start to finish by a doctor who knows what to expect and can direct you properly.

The technology involved in teeth whitening is complex, and there are many different kinds. However, if you’re ready to invest in the procedures, you should. The worst case scenario that you try to whiten your own teeth, and then you end up at the dentist anyway with an even bigger problem that you’ll then need to pay for. Never assume that dental care can be done at home, and leave it to the professionals.

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