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emergency dentist
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March 7, 2018
TMJ Pain Treatment St Louis
7 Reasons You Should See Your Dentist for TMJ Pain Treatment
July 6, 2018
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The Top 10 Benefits of Same Day Crowns

same day crowns

So you’ve got a damaged tooth, and you need to get a crown. And you’re dreading the whole lengthy process of getting one. What if you could sidestep the whole fiasco and get same day crowns?

Let’s be honest: traditional crowns are a hassle — both the process itself and managing your insurance to make it happen.

Why should you get crowns the same day you walk in? Here are 10 reasons.

1. No Need for Temporaries

Flash to the process of getting traditional crowns.

You need to get fitted for the crowns, which means there’s a lag time between when you walk out the door and when you get your crowns. But your dentist can’t have you walking around with a damaged tooth in the meantime, which means you’ll need temporaries.

Since these are more of a Band-Aid than anything, they’re not designed to fit perfectly or look natural in your mouth. So they’re unpleasant and unsightly all at the same time.

With same day crowns, you can dodge temporaries altogether and walk home in the crowns you’ll keep.

2. Save on Time

Like we said, with traditional crowns, there’s a lag time between when you walk in the door with your damaged tooth and when you walk back out with your crowns.

Your dentist has to assess the damage, give you a temporary fix, fit you for your crown, and refit to make sure it all works.

It’s a long process and not particularly pleasant. Same day crowns are exactly what they say on the tin: you walk into your dentist office with a damaged tooth and walk out in an hour or two with a crown, easy as pie.

3. High-Quality Ceramic

Remember, crowns put on the same day aren’t temporaries–they’re designed to be the crowns you keep in your mouth for good.

This means that the crowns are high quality from the beginning. Otherwise, they wouldn’t work as a valid replacement for traditional crowns.

Plus, high-quality ceramic means that you can keep the metal out of your mouth. This means you won’t have material in the crowns that would irritate your gums and surrounding teeth–in fact, it has many of the same properties as naturally occurring tooth enamel.

4. You Get an Exact Fit

Like we said. Same day crowns aren’t a temporary fix. Crowns aren’t cheap, and if you’re going to spend that much to get your mouth in order, it pays to get a crown that’s worth it.

The technology that makes these crowns possible is precise–digital scanning and milling make sure that the crown fits perfectly on the first try. They take your bite pattern into account, as well as every detail of your tooth contours.

And if it doesn’t fit, the technology makes it easy to tweak the crowns to get a comfortable fit, without a week of unnecessary hassle.

5. No Dental Putty

We mentioned the technology behind same day crowns is impressive. It comes with a serious benefit: you get to dodge dental putty.

Digital mapping that makes these crowns possible means that you don’t have to deal with dental putty required to do manual dental impressions that are required in traditional crowns.

Let’s be honest: no one likes the dental putty. It tastes terrible, you have to hold it in your mouth for a while, and you have to sit and deal with it because you don’t have another option.

Now you do.

6. They Look Better

If a crown fits better and is designed with more precision, doesn’t it make sense that the crown would look better?

This is from a design perspective (thanks to the precision technology that makes the crowns) and from a cosmetic perspective. Traditional crowns have a nasty habit of leaving black lines along your gum lines, besides the fact that they clearly aren’t the same color as your natural teeth.

Same day alternatives aren’t designed to be slapped on. They’re meant to be a functional and aesthetically pleasing replacement for your damaged tooth–in shape and color. So that you can show off your teeth when you smile on a date or when you’re hanging out with friends.

7. They Allow for Simple Tooth Restorations

Most people prefer to forgo crowns altogether for simple tooth restorations, and when it comes to traditional crowns, they can hardly be blamed.

Except that you’ll basically spend the rest of your life trying not to eat with that side of your mouth.

Same day alternatives allow you to keep the whole process simple, so you don’t have to deal with a dragged out tooth-repair when you need a simple restoration. You’re trading out weeks for a few hours to fix a tooth.

8. Preserve More of Your Existing Tooth

When a dentist does a traditional crown, they have to drill down more of your tooth to fit the crown. Essentially, most of your existing tooth will be gone.

Crowns put in on the same day don’t need drilling, which means more of your existing tooth is preserved for the crown. And let’s be honest: any dentist visit that requires less quality time with the drill is a happier dentist visit for all involved.

9. Durability

Your teeth get a lot of wear in the course of your life. Which means you need a crown that will hold up to the same level of stress.

You might be worried that same day crowns don’t offer the same durability. In fact, they’re just as durable as traditional crowns, and they’re far more comfortable for it.

10. Greater Comfort

Let’s do a comparison.

You could have a crown that takes weeks to fit, doesn’t quite align with your real teeth, and it’s uncomfortable thanks to the materials, plus the time spent in awkward, uncomfortable temporaries.

Or, you could have a crown that’s as comfortable to have in your mouth as a real tooth.

The choice isn’t hard.

Get Your Same Day Crowns

If you need restorative dentistry, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re not sure you need an emergency dentist, take a look at this post. But if you know you need crowns, there’s no reason to waste time.

Get in touch through our contact page to discuss your options.

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