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Understand the Process Of Dental Implants In St. Louis

dental implants st louis

Have you been advised to get dental implants by a dentist in St. Louis? If you have missing teeth, due to injury, accident or gum disease, lost teeth might have been making your life difficult. Apart from making it embarrassing to smile you might be finding it difficult to speak properly and eating can be a task, if there are several teeth missing.

Most of the cosmetic dentists suggest a variety of methods to fill in the gap which can include dentures, and bridges, but implants in St. Louis are the only option that is long lasting and offers the same strength as natural teeth. The disadvantage of using dentures and bridges is that it moves sometimes and can be uncomfortable.

Surgical process of dental implant

The process encompasses the fixing of the prosthetic root, abutment that holds the root and prosthetic tooth together and the crown, which mimics the look and feel of a natural tooth. However, as it is an invasive surgery with a long healing time, it is important that you consult the best dental implants expert in St. Louis.

The dental surgery eligibility depends upon the condition and strength of your jaw bone. If the bone is weak, the implant surgeon in St. Louis will suggest bone grafts to strength the jaw. Thus, various tests will be done, before the surgery is planned. It is done in several stages as the bone has to heal around the implant and this process requires a few weeks to a couple of months.

Titanium is the favored material for the prosthetic root as it is hypo-allergic and suits everyone. It is implanted into the jawbone just below the gum where the prosthetic tooth has to be fixed. Within a few weeks, the metal implant fuses with the jawbone and then the abutment can be added. As gum surgery is required in both the stages, healing process takes time. Though the process is long-drawn, the results are great and worth the effort. There are no chances of slipping like the dentures or decay of natural teeth after bridge is fixed.

Best tooth replacement procedure

It is considered to a permanent solution to lost teeth. However, it is good, if you have one or many lost teeth. Another factor that is considered is the strength of the jaw bone. It is important that the jawbone has reached the full growth and is strong to withstand an implant. You need to have healthy mouth tissue and no gum disease. Any infection in the gums will render the implant useless and will have to be removed.

Consider the risks

All surgeries come with inherent risks as it is an invasive process. Although chances of any problem occurring is low and are easily treated, but it is important that you are aware of it. The risks include:

  • Gum infections
  • Damage to blood vessel to surrounding structure
  • Over-sensitivity, tingling and numbness

However, the implant dentists take precaution before starting on the process. Comprehensive dental x-rays and examinations are done before they work on the implant.

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