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Understand the Specifics behind the Procedure for Dental Bridges

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June 17, 2016
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Understand the Specifics behind the Procedure for Dental Bridges

You should be aware that teeth are basically the same as any other body part – as you age they become susceptible to many health condition which are capable of taking away the glimmer that a healthy mouth provides. Those who don’t really have the smile they are dreaming of, might want to take advantage of dental bridges in St. Louis. That is because a dental bridge can help cover over the missing teeth, helping you regain the shine of your smile. If you are looking to know more about the process of obtaining nd installation of a dental bridge, read on.

Covers tooth loss

Dental bridge is a prosthetic apparatus which is generally used to span a particular area of the mouth where teeth are missing. It is also followed by a crown placed on each end of the mounted bridge. The latter is also known as a cap and it connects to teeth on the sides that need to be filled. When this is through, a false tooth is going to fill in the gap between both crowns.

Regardless of the reason, a bridge is almost always necessary when you experience tooth loss. If the missing teeth aren’t replaced timely, the remaining ones can shift into the gaps and distort your regular and normal bite. This is also capable of causing gum disease. There are three different types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional – this one has a crown which is connected to each side of the tooth that’s artificial.

  • Cantilever – this is basically an artificial tooth which is dully connected to only one crown.

  • Maryland – this is an artificial tooth which is bonded to existing teeth on each of the two sides.

The entire process of building a dental bridge in St. Louis is rather complex and it’s going to take more than just one visit to the dentist. Once you are there, you’d be injected with local anesthetic which is going to numb the pain. It’s injected in the gum tissue which is adjacent to the tooth which is neighboring the bridge. This way you won’t feel any kind of pain. The dentist is going to properly reshape the teeth which are going to be housing your crowns in order to make them suitable for the latter.

Once they are properly reshaped, your dentist is going to make an impression of the tooth that is missing as well as the surrounding teeth. This is then going to be sent to a professional lab which is going to make an appropriate bridge that is going to fit the gap between your existing teeth. As you can see, there is nothing scary about the procedure and you should be informed about the majority of potential benefits that this could bring in. However, if you have apprehensions, it is best to talk with the dentist and get the details about the procedure.

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